Baby It’s Hot Outside!

Summer is in full swing and fun in the sun can take a toll on your body. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sunburn can suck the fun right out of the dog days of summer.

I’m no expert but it seems to me that once you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. While some folks turn to soda and sports drinks, good ole H2O should be kept handy as well. The problem is keeping water cold which leads me to today’s quick tip.

2017-06-09 18.04.10Save a half gallon milk jug, wash with dish soap and rinse thoroughly the fill part way with fresh water and freeze. Then simply fill with more fresh water, make sure the cap is tight and toss it into your cooler. Not only will it help keep the perishables in your cooler cold, you’ll have a half-gallon of cold water to keep you hydrated. As an added bonus, you’ll be recycling plastic. This is particularly helpful for camping and picnics where drinking water may not be readily available.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, hats and to keep yourself hydrated. Make every day an adventure!


Rhonda L. Print, the Author of paranormal romance novels, has 20 years of experience as a romance reader. Her work includes the five star reviewed novel Nightwalker, A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel, The Order of Chaos, Justified, Phoenix and Guardian . Her latest release, ShadowWalker is available at, and many other retailers, along with all of her novels. She loves to hear from her readers. You can leave a comment and read free titillating bites of all of her books by clicking on their book cover at Escape to romance, intrigue and adventure with a bite of paranormal at

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