No More Frozen Hand!

We’ve all been there. A party, a cooler loaded with a variety of drinks and ice and the one elusive beverage you’re looking for. Sifting around through the ice and water for you favorite beverage can leave your guests feeling chilled. Well no more frozen hands! Skip the cooler in favor of a few inexpensive tubs. Fill each one with a different beverage, water bottles, beer, soda, diet soda or even juice boxes for the little ones and spare you and your guests from drink frostbite. As an added bonus, you can easily see when you’re running low on a particular beverage and refill without the fuss.

Dress up your water bottles with personalized labels. Simply customize online, have them shipped to your home and wrap around the bottles!

2017-06-25 14.13.58

Is the party going on after sunset? Perfect! Light up those totes by tossing glow sticks-again a dollar store find- and make it easier to see whats where.



Creative Party Snacks


Let’s get creative with the snacks!

2017-06-25 14.13.08
A large container to hold chips will cut down on the time you need to refill. I used disposable cylinders that cost than $7 for a set of six.
2017-06-25 14.13.04
Quotes and sayings decorate the containers while a simple straw with “So Long Suckers” label livens up the candy.
2017-06-25 14.12.50
Candy rolls become Honor Rolls
2017-06-25 14.12.43
Store bought cookies become Diploma Cookies. For an added touch, you can tie a ribbon around each cookie.
2017-06-25 14.12.38
Thank you kisses. Who doesn’t like a little chocolate!
2017-06-25 14.12.11
Store bought cupcakes are easier for guests to eat and can be decorated for the theme of the party. A time saver for the host too!


Tomorrow: Serving the drinks without frozen hand.

Liven up the Party!

You’ve planned the menu, picked out the invites and are looking to spice up the party while still being able to join in on the fun. Try this.

2017-06-25 14.12.11

Set up a table in a central location, cover it with a dollar store decorative tablecloth, add disposable bowls – who needs more clutter in the kitchen cabinets. I used cylinders purchased from Oriental Trading, less than $7 for a set of six. Fill with chips, snacks and candy and add a guest book. As an added time saver, place a basket with the Thank You card envelopes and a few pencils labeled “Please Address and Envelope”. This will make searching for addresses and sending those notes of gratitude and much easier process. Hang a decoration above the table, again, a dollar store find, and you’ve just created a central snack center.

Tomorrow we’ll get creative with the food!

Graduation Party Ideas-Centerpiece

It’s that time of year again when speeches are made, diploma’s passed out, hat are tossed in the air in freedom and glee. There are also tears. Pride intermixed with the bittersweet joy of watching your child enter the adult world. And it’s also time to party!

I’ve compiled some fun, simply and inexpensive ideas for the graduation that are sure to make lasting memories. So let’s get started.

This simple table centerpiece was made from a sticker, a small candle holder that I bought for $1 from the Dollar Tree and a tea light candle. The sticker was a custom order with a collage of photos that I ordered through Oriental Trading but you can use anything that suites the event (just make sure that it is placed away from the flame). Try it for baby showers, wedding showers or weddings, the possibilities are unlimited. By the way, these also make a nice parting gift.


Stop by tomorrow for more decorating ideas!

Baby It’s Hot Outside!

Summer is in full swing and fun in the sun can take a toll on your body. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sunburn can suck the fun right out of the dog days of summer.

I’m no expert but it seems to me that once you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. While some folks turn to soda and sports drinks, good ole H2O should be kept handy as well. The problem is keeping water cold which leads me to today’s quick tip.

2017-06-09 18.04.10Save a half gallon milk jug, wash with dish soap and rinse thoroughly the fill part way with fresh water and freeze. Then simply fill with more fresh water, make sure the cap is tight and toss it into your cooler. Not only will it help keep the perishables in your cooler cold, you’ll have a half-gallon of cold water to keep you hydrated. As an added bonus, you’ll be recycling plastic. This is particularly helpful for camping and picnics where drinking water may not be readily available.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, hats and to keep yourself hydrated. Make every day an adventure!

Quick and Crafty

Looking for a quick update or craft? Spruce up a room with a wooden letter, or letters and a can of spray paint.

I wanted to add a pop of color in the kitchen and dress up my otherwise bland pantry door. I have an open floor plan and the door is clearly visible from the family room. So I purchased three eight inch letters for about $3.00 each. You can get them at most big box or craft stores, mine came from Walmart. From there I only needed a can of spray paint. I chose a bright blue in Krylon but any brand will work.

2017-06-15 10.04.33

Laying them out on a plastic covering – grocery bags work for this – and spraying them lightly in long sweeping strokes with the paint, I left them overnight to dry. I recommend using disposable gloves to avoid messy hands.

2017-06-15 10.06.19

I didn’t want to put nails in my door, and if you live in a rental, you may not be able to, so I opted for two sided 3M Command strips. Easy to apply, easy to remove without damaging the door. From there it was an easy process to hang them and I was left with a fun little message on my otherwise boring pantry door and pop of color in the room.

2017-06-15 11.39.28

You can use this idea to add something fun to a children’s bedroom, laundry room your family name or favorite activity above your kitchen cabinets. It’s inexpensive, fun and personal. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Supply List:

Wood letters in any size or configuration that works for you

Spray paint in your choice of color

Plastic sheeting or grocery bags to protect surface you’ll paint on

3M Command Strips

Plastic gloves

I did not receive anything for promotional considerations from the brand names mentioned in this post.